A 2-year-old Toddler Was Missing For 2 Days, Found Protected By a Pit Bull

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When we read stories about missing persons, especially children, we are terrified. It’s a bad feeling and I hope nobody will feel it. This is one of those stories.


A little girl, Charlie, has been missing for two days, but fortunately, she was in good health because she received essential supplies.

In addition, another boy disappeared into the woods because he loved walking there to climb trees, according to Wayne, his brother. Unfortunately, the boy was found dead miles away from his uncle.

Fortunately, Charlee had not suffered the same fate, because she always had a guardian angel! who protects her.

It was a pit bull called Penny! Yes, the pit bull was a great hero and he appeared on Wayne’s property, with the 2-year-old toddler.

A real hero.


So grateful, Penny was next to Charlie and protect her in the best way.

This shows how awesome Pitbulls are ^^

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