A Man Builds a “Train of Dogs” To Take Rescued Puppies To Small Adventures

A Man Builds a “Train of Dogs” To Take Rescued Puppies To Small Adventures

Eugene Bostick after retiring about 15 years ago, he embarked on a new career, that of stray dog ​​train driver rescued.

Aged 80, he says he has never considered devoting his golden years to helping pets in need. however, it was a duty imposed on him by the helplessness of others.

“We live in a closed street, where my brother and I have a chicken coop”, “Sometimes people come here and abandon the dogs, leaving them to starve, so we started feeding them, caring for them. , take them to the vet for sterilization and we adopted them. “

Bostick has been home to innumerable abandoned dogs over the years. But more than just keeping them safe, he found an adorable way to keep them happy too.

While the rescued dogs have plenty of space to run and play on the Bostick farm, the retiree thought it would be nice to be able to take them on short walks elsewhere. It was around this time that he was inspired by the construction of a means of transport specially adapted for dogs.

“One day, I was outside and I saw this guy with a tractor that tied these carts to shoot rocks, I thought, ‘Nice, it would be a dog train,’ Bostick said. “I am a very good welder, so I took these plastic barrels with holes cut in them, I put wheels under them and tied them together.”

And like that, the train of dogs was born.

Twice a week, Bostick and the nine dogs he heals walk through the quiet streets of the town or forest near their home or stop by a local stream to get some fresh air in the dog train. It’s something that once-unloved dogs came to savor in their new happy life.

“Every time they hear me hook the tractor, they are so excited,” Bostick said. “They are all running and jumping alone, ready to go.”

The dog train has come to attract the attention of locals, who sometimes stop to ask if they can take some pictures. But for Bostick, it is a question of bringing a little joy to a handful of dogs who have suffered so much before being like his happy passengers.

Bostick says, “I’m getting older, I’m 80 now, so I guess it will not last long, but I’ll keep it as long as possible”, “The dogs are having a good time. really appreciate it. “

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