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Home dental care is of paramount importance to your dogs as well as to humans.

Our dog toothbrush solves the most common problem in the world in dogs – oral disease.

Making sure your dog has good teeth and a good mouth is a priority for pet owners. Research suggests that 84% of three-year-old dogs suffer from periodontal disease!

If left untreated, this silent disease can lead to heart and lung diseases, systemic kidney and liver diseases, complications of diabetes and even cancer. But there is a new way for pet lovers to take control of the oral health of their dogs.

Let your dog do the work! Light to moderate chewing effortlessly cleans your dog’s teeth in the gums.

It’s not a toy! Use this toothbrush under your supervision for 2 to 4 minutes a day!

The fact is that 4 out of 5 dogs suffer from oral disease before the age of 3! Gingivitis is one of these diseases and causes painful inflammation, with bad breath easily leading to other life-threatening diseases!

How to use: Let your dog use the toothbrush for 3-5 minutes a day, always under your supervision, to make sure he/she pinches it properly, especially if your dog has a tendency to tear everything up. The toothbrush is a soft rubber material for slow non-aggressive use only.

Note: If your dog needs time to get used to the toothbrush, you can add a little peanut butter on the bristles for 1-2 days. Once he gets used to it, you can switch to the usual method of the toothbrush. at once!

Why buy this?

Reduces bad breathing
Keep your dog’s teeth clean.
Reduces the risks of many diseases.

Material: Rubber
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Chew Toy: Teething Brush
Dog toothbrush: Bite Toys for Dogs
Taste: mint
Color: Green

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Small & Medium Dog, Large Dog


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