The first singing dog ever seen on America’s Got Talent

The first singing dog ever seen on America’s Got Talent

Whether for detecting explosives or performing difficult acrobatics, dogs are known for their talent. They learn much more than the basics of “sitting” and “staying,” and a three-year-old dog named Oscar brought his talent to a well-known stage. Accompanied by his person, Pam, Oscar was a competitor of America’s Got Talent. He had an opportunity that thousands of people can only wish to: sing in front of the famous critic Simon Cowell. He did not let his time in the spotlight be wasted.

According to Pam, who provides musical accompaniment for the Oscar dog, Oscar started singing alone about a year and a half ago. She was playing piano in her living room, welding her puppy started singing with her. Since then, Oscar has benefited from singing lessons. Pam said:

He can sing, he can hold a note, he can even vibrate.

Known for his rebellious attitude and harsh criticism, Cowell was surprisingly interested in the singing dog. He said during the show,

I’m not kidding, I did this show for a long time and I always said that if we could find a dog capable of singing, everything would be for me.

The pressure was huge to impress the jury, but Oscar showed no sign of fear of the scene. The audience “gathered” in unison when the lovable dog decided to lie on the stage during the whole conversation and he seemed ready to sing when Pam sat at the piano.

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Oscar interpreted his canine interpretation of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D major”. Tyra Banks marveled at how the singing dog was actually on the sidelines. At the end of the song, Oscar received a standing ovation. Even Cowell himself stood up to show his appreciation.

Cowell praised Oscar’s song, but, true to himself, he could not continue without first criticizing the piano play. Overall, Oscar and his human partner seemed to please both the public and the judges. Who knows, maybe a record deal is in Oscar’s future.

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Featured image screenshot via YouTube/America’s Got Talent


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